In 2011, I left my firm of nearly seven years with the intent to start a different kind of law firm -- a litigation firm with a deep understanding of the law, a law firm rooted in intellect and dedicated to personal service, a law firm that represents both people and business made victims of another’s wrongdoing.  You will not find pictures of car wrecks, ambulances or “big rigs” on this site, although I do handle certain personal injury cases.  This site is not designed to prey on emotions or imply results.  Rather, what I hope you will find is a site that is user-friendly, informative and to the point.

If after viewing this site you consider retaining our services, know this: I am not merely a figurehead or a name on a sign.  I am an attorney and a litigator.  If you hire Broyles Law Firm, you hire me.

Patrick Broyles